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Tanya is one of Donna Sheridan's best friends and was once a member of Donna's band, "Donna and the Dynamos" as well as Donna's other best friend, Rosie Mulligan, a fun-loving, un-married British author. Donna's



aughter Sophie calls her, "Auntie Tanya". She was also the one who said it was about time for Rosie to find "Mr. Right", an idea that Rosie was against at first because she liked being on her own. While on the island of Kalakairi, Tanya has to put up with the relentlessness of Pepper, the best man of Sophie's fiance Sky and the man who is in love with her and flirting with her all the time. On the night of Sophie's hen party, which Sky, Pepper and their "stag" friends crashed, they had apparenty been flirting as Pepper says to her on the morning of Sophie's wedding, "Let's pick up where we left off last night". She insists that whatever happened between them never happened and sings "Does Your Mother Know" to make him understand she's too old for him.

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