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Sophie Sheridan



Sophie Sheridan

Actress Amanda Seyfried
Relationships Donna Carmichael (mother)

Sky (ex-fiancée, boyfriend)

Sam Carmichael (possible father)

Harry Bright

(possible father)

Bill Anderson

(possible father)

Profession Helps Mother With Villa

On a Greek Island called Kalokairi, 20-year-old Bride-to-be Sophie Sheridan posts three wedding invitations to her possible fathers, Sam, Bill & Harry.

Sophie's bridesmaids,Ali and Lisa,arrive at Kalokairi,and Sophie tells them that she has read her mom's diary and that she has three possible fathers.Mother, Donna Sheridan,gets a visit from her two best friends Rosie & Tanya.

The three men arrive on the island, only to find out that Donna has no clue that 3 men are attending Sophie's wedding.

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