Harry Bright

Birth Name:

Harry Bright

Date of Birth:







Portrayed By:

Colin Firth

Harry Bright is played by Colin Firth .

He is an English banker that currently esides somewhere in England, UK. Harry is one of Sophie Sheridan's possible fathers, and is the ex-lover of Donna Sheridan . It is written in Donna's diary on August 11th from when she was a young adult that Harry was very sweet, and understanding when they were together which resulted in Donna showing him the island and possibly the conception of Sophie Sheridan.

Considering the fact Harry had accepted "Donna's" invitation for her daughter's wedding, it is assumed that he some-how felt something for Donna years after they had broken up seeing as though he returned to the island for that specific event.

When questioned if Harry had any children by Sophie, Harry replied with explaining to Sophie that he had two dog— named Lucy and Kipper, that was the extent of his relationships. Though, he also explained that he would have loved a daughter, stating that he would have spoiled her rotten.

At the end of the movie, in Sophie and Sky's wedding he was present along with Bill Anderson and Sam Carmichael who all believed the would be giving Sophie away. Unfortunately, Sophie told Sky that she did not wish to be married yet and she would rather travel the world with him instead. After Donna finally confessed that Sophie may be Sam's, as well as Bill's and Harry's he was surprisingly fine with the ordeal. He confessed that he was lucky to even have a third of a child and confessed that Donna was the first, and last woman he ever loved — which explained he was gay or bisexual. At the end, he returns to the main land with a boyfriend, who was also a guest at Sophie's wedding.