Fernando Cienfuegos is the manager of the Bella Donna He is the possible father of Donna Sheridan. He is also Ruby Sheridan's former lover.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)

Fernando is first seen at the beginning of the film when Sophie wants someone to send the letters to the mainland, Fernando says he'll do it but Sophie tells him to stay here.

He is then seen Sophie picks up Tanya and Rosie. As he introduces himself and Sophie introduces Tanya and Rosie.

He is then seen when the party has already started and Ruby (his long lost partner) and they sing Fernando.

He is then seen at the end of the film at the christening of Sophie's child. He sits right next to Ruby as she says Donna lives on in Sophie.

He then is seen playing the guitar during the Super Trouper song as Sam, Bill, and Harry come singing out the wine stand.

Behind the Scenes

Fernando Cienfuegos was played by American actor Andy Garcia


  • Fernando's actor, Andy Garcia states that his character could be Donna's father