Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson

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Bill Anderson

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Bill Anderson (Austin in the original play) is one of the three possible fathers of Sophie Sheridan, and a Swedish writer and adventurer. He eventually falls in love with Donna's best friend, Rosie, the fun-loving, un-married British author. Bill's original last name was Austin and he was Australian in the musical, based on ABBA's popularity in that country. When the filmmakers cast Stellan Skarsgård they changed Bill's last name to Anderson and his nationality to Sweden, where ABBA has its roots.

Director Phyllida Lloyd has teased that Bill is possibly Sophie's biological father, and in the musical and uncut film, they shared a song and storyline which many thought it was when they both realised sophie really really believes that Bill his her father and not Sam, or harry which means Sophie much like ABBA has her roots in Sweden. Josh Dylan will play Bill in his youth in the upcoming sequelCategory:Lovers]]